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Kim Sindberg is an internationally recognised Trade Finance Expert, with a long experience from the largest bank in the Nordics – and a background from the transport business

Trade Finance Apps for iPad and iPhone

Kim Sindberg and Lakshmanan Sankaran have released the “Pocket Guide Series for International Trade.” It is a Trade Finance App for iPad, iPhone and Android.

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New book: From A to UCP – Key Documentary Credit concepts explained

This book explains 34 key documentary credit concepts in a clear and simple manner (Read more)


Trade Finance Serien

The “Trade Finance Series” (in Danish language) is a series of books, all with the aim to provide a quick and easy overview of different topics relating to Trade Finance. The books are short and easy to read, yet nuanced and balanced. The author is a Trade Finance professional. (Read more)

The Cheaters Handbook to Documentary Credits (2014)

This is the ultimate documentary credit handbook for the person that want an easy and safe way to a successful documentary credit transaction without having to study rules, practices and opinions from many different sources. The book includes a straightforward documentary credit crash course – as well as specific advice to the exporter, importer and transport company – walking through each phase of the documentary credit from the perspective of these 3 key players. A total of 87 specific and practical pieces of advice are collected. (Read more)


Lcviews Premium

“lcviews premium” is a new and innovative service that links Trade Finance rules to Trade Finance practice.

lcviews premium:

  • UCP 600 Commentaries
  • URDG 748 Commentaries
  • Commentaries to selected ISBP 745 paragraphs
  • ALL ICC Opinions issued subject to UCP 600 and URDG 758
  • Comprehensive articles on “hot” Trade Finance topics

The free site:

  • ”SingleWindow” Q&A
  • Lcviews blog
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