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“lcviews premium” is an innovative service that links Trade Finance rules to Trade Finance practice

lcviews premium:

Commentary on UCP 600
• Commentary on all ISBP 745 paragraphs
• Comments on URDG 758
• Comments on URC 522
• Comments on eUCP 2.0
• Comments on eURC 1.0
• Review of all ICC Opinions issued in accordance with UCP 600 (incl. ISBP 745) and URDG 758
• Articles on selected Trade Finance topics

The free page:
“SingleWindow” Q&A
• lcview’s blog


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Price for lcviews premium:

EUR 250/license/year
The price includes unlimited access for one person to lcviews premium for one year (approx. EUR 0.70/day) incl. all updates.

Payment methods:

1: Via PayPal (best if an entry is purchased)
Select “Subscribe To LC Views Premium” when logged in to the free page and follow the guide.

2: Via account transfer (the best if it is not possible to pay via PayPal – or multiple accesses must be ordered:
IBAN: DK8420003496261932
SWIFT: NDEADKKK (Nordea Danmark A/S)

Send an e-mail to with e-mail addresses for the new users.
Each user receives a confirmation when access is established.

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