Anfordringsgaranti og Standby Remburs

Kim Sindberg: ”Anfordringsgaranti og Standby Remburs en introduktion” (2013)

This book (in Danish language) offers an introduction to the demand guarantee and standby letter of credit allowing the reader a fast overview of the topic.

The aim is to provide a nuanced and practical introduction to documentary collections, without going into too many details.

The book is the only one in Danish language regarding the Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG 758) and International Standby Practices (ISP98).

The book is the second in the “Trade Finance Series” all with the aim to provide a quick and easy overview of different topics relating to Trade Finance. The books are short and easy to read, yet nuanced and balanced. The author is a Trade Finance professional.

The books are written for importers, exporters, banks, transport- and insurance companies as well schools where Trade Finance is part of the agenda.

48 pages

ISBN: 978-87-7114-548-9

​The book is available at online bookstores; such as Saxo.​

The book is also available as eBooks in Apple’s iBooks and for Kindle Store.